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Our Model

The PeerVisors roundtable model is based on proven best practices in the field of peer learning and has been customized to meet the particular needs of growing companies. The protocol followed in each meeting was developed with input from various entrepreneurship organizations to deliver a high impact experience in the shortest period of time. Please view the video to learn more about the program.

We are excited to partner with the Edward Lowe Foundation who developed the program we follow.

New Groups Being Formed

PeerVisors is in the process of establishing new groups where you can meet in strict confidence to tackle your toughest challenges or to test a new initiative or product concept before going to market with a group of professionals who can provide the type of advice that in many cases can only come from peers.

End Entrepreneurial Isolation and Reignite Your Vision

PeerVisors' groups deliver perspective, practical advice, community, and accountability from other business leaders on your most pressing business issues.

Every month groups meet to tackle tough issues like which initiatives to focus on when there's cash for none and how to grow when the fires start faster than you can put them out. Leverage the combined power of your peers in group meetings, and:

  • Test your ideas before the market does
  • See into your blind spots
  • Set direction and be held accountable
  • Obtain priceless advice from the experiences of others
  • Help others achieve success
  • Establish friendship with other business leaders that can last a lifetime

We believe that actions speak louder than words and that you must take the first step by contacting us by clicking here. We offer a no obligation consultation to see if joining a peer advisory group is right for you.

Learn more about the benefits of participating in a PeerVisors group by filling out the short form below

*You will be directed to a webpage that contains a presentation about the benefits of membership in a PeerVisors group. A username and password will be sent to the email you provide above to gain access to the presentation.

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