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Frequently Asked Questions about our Roundtables

Who may join?

As a support group for business leaders, PeerVisors permits members who are owners, partners, managing directors, entrepreneurs, C-Level members of their companies or organizations. We also include management executives who have significant responsibilities.

How to join

Becoming a PeerVisors member is simple:

1. Register online by completing a membership questionnaire, so we can tell you if we have a group in your geographical area, with compatible group demographics.

2. We invite you to a one-on-one interview to determine if we can provide the lift to your business and to decide if we have a group that you can achieve the most appropriate synergy.

Who will be on my roundtable?

Your roundtable will comprise of local business professionals from non-competitive industries. You will find these members share your interests, goals, and concerns. Some of the criteria we use to group members is company size; stage in the business growth cycle; mix of unique needs and experiences; diversity (non competitors); and geography.

Does membership require a substantial time investment?

No. In fact, we conserve time by focusing on the correct set of strategic issues, by compressing the time required to review the best current practices, and to weed out the bad ideas quickly. Participating in a PeerVisors table will give you a fresh perspective; create exposure and accountability that lead to positive change.

How often will my roundtable meet and how long do meetings run?

Roundtables meet ten times per year, generally on the same day each month (for example, the third Tuesday of each month). Each meeting may continue for up to four hours, but only as long as there is meaningful discussion. We are committed to making the best use of our memberís valuable time.

How do I get a return on my investment?

These business forums have been around for decades with tens of thousands of members across the world paying as much as $15,000 per year. If these forums did not add value, there would not be such an interest in these forums.

That said, while we can not promise a return on your investment, we will introduce you to new ideas and concepts that will help you transform your business. Your fellow board members will challenge you, encourage you, and act as devilís advocate. Have you ever made a bad business decision, only to wish later that someone had warned you of the unforeseen risks? That is where membership achieves itsí advantage.

What do the participants actually talk about?

While the discussions vary by peer group, most facilitators find that business owners ultimately wind up addressing six general topics:

Personal isolation - Many business owners of fast-growing companies feel alone at the top, so they share their feelings in meetings and find they're not the only ones experiencing a sense of isolation.

Finance - Participants often want to compare notes on setting financial controls, managing cash flow, securing bank loans and finding other ways to raise capital.

Marketing and advertising - Peer networks offer an ideal setting for business owners to exchange ideas on how to develop public relations campaigns, invest in advertising and develop and expand their brands or positioning in the marketplace.

Employee relations - All business owners must devise systems to recruit, train and motivate their employees. In roundtable meetings, they often share best practices and acknowledge mistakes.

Legal compliance - From employment law to government regulations, business owners must navigate the maze of local, state and federal rules. They can discuss measures they've developed to raise compliance and tighten oversight.

Production - Almost every business owner wants to boost productivity. While specific steps may differ by industry, members of peer groups can share their experiences testing new ways to improve efficiency and cut costs.

So, what are you waiting for? Take action by going to our registration page to end isolation and to move your business and your personal goals forward.

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